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IMPORTANT: READ CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING APPLICATION.  As part of the screening process, you will electronically sign an Authorization To Release Consumer Information (Authorization).  This Authorization includes your current residence information and employment information for ALL Employers you include on your application.  This Authorization will be provided to your Employers and Landlords to authorize them to release information related to you.  If you have more than one Employer, each Employer will be provided a copy of the Authorization and that Authorization will disclose BOTH Employers.  If you do not want this information disclosed to either of your Employers, DO NOT complete this online application.  Contact Allegiant Property Management for instructions on how to proceed.




By clicking "GO TO ONLINE APPLICATION" below, you acknowledge that you have read the above and approve Allegiant Property Management, Resident Research and any/all of it's agents and clients to use the Authorization in the manner described above.  


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