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How does Allegiant Property Management Handle evictions?

On or around the 6th of every month Allegiant Property Management will post and mail a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit.  After 3 days pass we can file for eviction.  Unfortunately local laws prevent Allegiant Property Management or anyone other than the owner or an attorney to represent the property in court.  Allegient Property Management retains professional eviction company to handle evictions.

How much does an eviction cost?

An uncontested eviction will cost about $500. A contested eviction can cost up to $3,000.

How are Security Deposits handled?

We require security deposits in an amount equal to or greater than one month's rent.  These funds are held in a separate Rent Deposit Escrow account with PNC Bank.  Security deposits cannot be disbursed until the resident vacates.  Deposit funds can only be disbursed to the owner, the resident or used to cover amounts owed by the tenant and repairs and damages caused by the tenant.

How do I pay management fees?

Management fees are deducted from your monthly owner distributions.

Will you pay my monthly bills for me?

Yes, through our accounting system we can pay most of your monthly bills.  Owners generally  pay HOA dues and mortgages themselves.  We pay bills monthly prior to the owner distribution. 

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